How To Appear In a Google Answer Box

What is a Google Answer Box?

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A Google answer box or sometimes referred to as a “featured snippet,” is a prominently displayed answer that Google selects to appear above the first search result, and is excellent for search users that are looking for a quick answer to a question.  The answer searchers are looking for is displayed without even having to click through to the actual site!  The featured snippet position is referred to as position #0 on the first page of Google results, located directly above position #1, and taking up more real estate as well.

There are clearly huge benefits for those who have an answer box result, so it’s crucial that website owners are making the proper optimizations to compete for ranking in this position.

Learn why answer boxes are so important, and how to rank for one below.

Why are Google Answer Boxes SO important?

Google’s algorithm reviews the best answers to a particular question and then puts the best solution in the Google answer box or featured snippet position.  This is great for search users, but if you’re a website owner and your site is not ranking for the featured snippet spot, you could be losing out on a lot of traffic.

Google’s answer box position #0 is critical because research shows that website owners who rank in this position usually receive very high click-through rates. Website owners who rank for the #1 spot on a SERPs typically see CTRs upwards of 30% and those who rank at #2 receive about 18% and CTRs rapidly decrease from then on.

Another reason to go after an answer box position is that if your website is just starting off, you still have a chance!  Google’s algorithm doesn’t take into consideration the authority of your site.  As long as your content is answering the question search users are looking for, and the content is formatted correctly, you have a chance at ranking in position #0.  This would give your site a huge boost and push you closer to becoming viewed as an authoritative source.

Google Answer Box Practices

To increase your chances of ranking in the #0 position, it is essential to do the following:

  • Identify and answer a question that your customers are searching for
  • Provide an answer to a question proposed in the header that is in a short sentence yet clear and complete
  • Provide well-structured content
  • Target existing answer boxes and create content that is more detailed and valuable than your competitors content that is featured in the answer box
  • Use the right keywords in your content


To summarize, ranking in the #0 position is something that website owners should be actively pursuing. The #1 spot on Google provides excellent click-through-rates, but being #0 will almost guarantee click-through-rates >30%. Proper content formatting, a clear, concise answer, and proper keyword use will provide website owners a chance to be viewed as an expert regardless of their website authority. Ranking for position #0 is a must!

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