SEO Keyword Strategy for WordPress

What is a Keyword?

In order to understand how keywords can positively impact your sites ranking on Google, it’s important to understand what a keyword exactly is.

Short Tail vs. Long Tail Keywords

Essentially, long tail keywords contain about 3-5 words and short tail keywords contain anything less than 3 words. These keywords should be backed by research that proves this is what consumers are using to find whatever it is they’re looking for.

For e.g., you’re looking to go to a Milwaukee Brewers game so you search “Milwaukee Brewer tickets for sale”

This would be a good example of a long tail keyword.

Free Tools for Performing Keyword Research:

Finding the right keywords for your content can be difficult.

Luckily, there are many free tools out there that make keyword research a lot easier!

WordPress SEO by Yoast, and SEMrush are two common tools that can be used to perform keyword research for free.

Yoast allows you to add SEO title, meta description, and meta keywords to each post and page of your site.

You can also write custom titles for your main site, archives, category and tag pages.

SEMrush offers a free trial, but their paid tools are obviously much more advanced.

The SEMrush free trial allows users to research their sites current keywords, and also shows users potential keywords that would drive traffic. is probably the best free keyword research tool available. It allows users to simply generate keyword ideas that are gathered from Google’s auto suggest feature.

Google autocomplete suggested keywords are based on how often a keyword is used for the search. This means that the top most results are the most frequently searched terms on Google for that particular keyword.

Digital marketers can use this to optimize content on their WordPress sites and also gather keyword suggestions from YouTube, Bing, and the Apple App Store as well.

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