The 2 Biggest Trends in Digital Marketing for 2018

The 2 Biggest Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

Digital Marketing is continuously changing. This post will cover the latest trends in Digital Marketing, including the most significant trends to look out for in 2018!

Voice Command

With improvements to voice command devices such as Google Home and Alexa by Amazon, digital marketers will soon have to learn how to optimize their content for these machines.

More product searches appear through than Google, so it’s evident that marketers will have to adapt to this evolving trend.

Shortly, companies like Google and Amazon will eventually have to integrate product search into these machines, and it will be crucial for digital marketers to learn how to optimize their content for these formats.

Audience Segmentation

With improvements to audience segmentation through the advancement of lead scoring programs, Digital Marketers will need to become more efficient with the way they’re marketing to their customers. If not, they will inevitably fall behind their competition.

Marketers will soon be able to provide more customized content to their audiences with these advancements.

According to Jennifer Johnston, Global Director of Biddable Media at LEWIS piston agency, “More marketers will be adding longer-tail keywords into their paid search account, and working to understand if there truly is enough difference between standard text-based search and voice search to warrant additional builds. Though my guess is there will only be small gains, many marketers are hoping the incremental will help them reach their 2018 goals.”

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