What are Backlinks? » 3 Min. Read

Backlinks or “Inbound Links”

are defined as incoming hyperlinks from one web page to another website.

In this post, I will cover why backlinks are important, how to earn backlinks, how to disavow a backlink, and what makes one backlink better than another.



What are backlinks?

Why are Backlinks important?

In the eyes of Google and other search engines, Backlinks prove the worth and validity of a site which is extremely important for SEO.


Backlinking Example –

If a chocolate chip cookie business has a website, it would want other sites that are related to chocolate chip cookies, baking, or desserts to create backlinks to its site. This would help its site to receive higher authority and page rank from Google and other search engines. This improves authority and page rank because it shows Google that their content is viewed as important by other sites in their niche market.


Here’s an example of a real-life backlink that I found while searching “how to make chocolate chip cookies”:

Backlink example (1)


In the screenshot above, notice the hyperlink or backlink “with cheesecake”. This backlink leads to the site “Sugar Spun Run” which is different from the site that used the link in the content on the left.


The site on the right, “Sugar Spun Run” is mainly about baking, and the backlink was directed to a recipe for cheesecake. (I chose to only show the homepage of the site, and not the direct backlink to make it easier to understand that these are two completely different sites, yet highly related.)


This backlink proves to Google that “Sugar Spun Run” has content that is highly trusted in its niche industry.


On top of that, it proves to Google that people like its content, which then would prove its content worthy of appearing high on a SERP for baking related searches.

Backlink example


If Sugar Spun Run wants to improve their backlinks, they would want to gain backlinks from other highly related sites that have a low spam score, high domain scores, and page authority scores.


Earning Backlinks

How to get backlinks

Earning backlinks can be hard.

Earning quality backlinks is an even harder task. However, backlinks are definitely an essential part of off-site SEO and all sites need them to rank well on SERPs.

When it comes to earning backlinks, there are many methods of doing so.

The best way to earn a backlink is to have great content, user experience (UX), and to use best practices for SEO that let your content be found. This will ensure that others are finding your content, your domain score and page authority will improve, and you will be more likely to attract attention to your site.



What is a quality backlink?


A quality backlink is a backlink from a site that has high-authority and popularity in your sites specific industry. A quality backlink is important because it shows Google that your content is just as valid as the site it is on. Spammy sites that backlink to your site should be avoided at all costs and it’s important to recognize these and disavow them as soon as possible.


Disavowing Backlinks


If you aren’t sure what sites are backlinking to yours you can use this backlink tool to search for backlinks that have low authority and page rank.

It’s important to weed out the spammy sites and disavow these links immediately. These backlinks can hurt your overall page-rank and site-authority. Google provides a great guide to disavow backlinks.




Are you an SEO Virtuoso? Do you know how to achieve great backlinks?

Leave a comment below or send an email to Brian.

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