How to Avoid Duplicate Content

Though a seemingly uncomplicated topic, some of the best websites struggle to create unique, high-quality content. Left unoptimized, these sites can face traffic losses and experience slow indexing and ranking speeds, depending on how widespread the issues are. Websites that seek to create unique, high-quality content should start by identifying and resolving duplication issues on their sites. In this post, we’ll cover the following:

  • The meaning of duplicate content
  • Why duplicate content is bad for SEO
  • How to identify duplicate content
  • How to handle duplicate or thin content
  • What high-quality content is

What is Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content exists when any two (or more) pages share the same content, or almost the same content (Figure 1). Duplication can exist on one domain, subdomains, or across multiple, unique domains. 

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